Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to London

Well well so what's the news.just went down the road to a laundrette nice west Indies lady with a beautiful patois talkin the righteous talk. Lord almighty! I do love London for this reason-so many different environments in one I seriously doubt there's another place like that.for what I've seen there ain't.neanwhile I went for lunch to a fish n chip place soul funk tunes in the.background + the sounds of bubbling grease oh good ol England where have u been so long ;)
I think I'm still so keen on living in brixton,I'd quite like to continue w my "b"tour (last year I've been to pretty much everything worth mentioning starting w b-Bled,Brighton,Bristol,Brixton,Brooklyn)
Keep your fingers crossed for the bright future,i"m excited! Spread the love spk the truthxxxxxxx