Saturday, July 30, 2011


I mean guys, every day in this place is another page in a book. seriously. Listen to this.
today we went to Rockaway beach in the afternoon. Matt, me and Cameron's (my flatmate's) girlfriend. Just before we got there she starts chatting to these black guys which we later meet at the beach. They looked a bit dodgy to be honest, like one guy with tattooed teardrop on his face which I later on find out that it could mean you killed someone in prison. My instincts were, don't mingle with this guys and I never planned to but thought to myself - she's a big girl, it's not my thing to look after her. So ended up not paying to much attention to her actions but all of a sudden she was drinking with these guys. They offered me and Matt some as well but wasnt in a mood for drinking. About 7pm we decide to leave but this girl turns out to be completely wasted - I mean fucked. I thought that was kinda weird but didn't really know how much she drank so left it as that. She kept on disappearing onna way to the Subway so we need to go back and find her. We saved her from being arrested. Finally manage to drag her onna train where she ends up being totally annoying and rude, and walkes off a train without saying anything. Huh, what was that all about we think. But I get a call from Cameron a few hours later saying she almost died!!!! I mean what?!  She spend a whole night in hospital, her drink's obviously been spiked, big time.
Rock Rock Rockaway beach.

we're pretty sure this was the shitface that did it

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just found out that Jay Z grew up a few stops away where I'm staying. Apparently he got his name after J and Z Subway lines that go through Marcy Ave.

So what's the news. I got a work placement with The Partners! which is totally amazing. They are based around Union Sq. so I can go an chill there like a proper NYC girl on my breaks.

it's on for a month but they only pay little to cover expanses so I'm gonna need to work a lot this month but who cares, it's all good. starting to search for a bar job today. Today is even hotter than other days and it's only morning. My plan is ice coffee, breakfast and then sit next to the water hydrant with the Puerto Ricans. Yesterday we found caged white pigeon in our yard, bizarre, we tried to set it free but wouldn't go. Then our cat first wanted to eat it but then chased other cat away to protect it.

Friday, July 22, 2011


ok now the weather has gone mad. extreme weather conditions warning - 38 degrees in concrete jungle! and I need to go to an interview! check on me later if I'm still alive. This place is massive. I've been around quite a lot, had two more interviews yesterday. Its funny getting my head around the American way, it's not just a different accent, it's a whole different body language. So first interview ended up really just being a visit and a chat and the other one, which is btw absolutely amazing, a potential internship in Aug. Fingers crossed. Had a few beers onna rooftop in Soho, a friend of a friend of a friend lives there then headed down to Vanessa's mega famous freshly made super cheap Chinese. Got home, all the Ricans out on the streets playing salsa into the night...whatta place this is.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


yo! woke up yesterday finally feeling a bit more "normal". went down to the little shop, got some bread and hang out with my flatmate Cameron. He's a crazy motherfucker but really nice guy. We had some coffee and banana bread beer and then he continued along that route. When I met him few hours later he was hecticly drumming and singing (yes there is a full drum set downstairs in the kitchen) and making grapefruit vodka slushes. Oh well, I would have joined him but had to go for my first design job interview! it's the first time in few days I had to hit the streets on my own. Obviously didn't time the journey well so started panicking as the bloody Subway door wouldn't let me in for some crazy reason. There's no way you can jump the gate over here, wtf should I do?! I'm all sweaty and panicky in over 30 degree heat, somehow find another entrance with someone actually working in there. finally get in but fuck, i'm gonna be late. it's a big ass agency i'm going to visit so I really don't wanna mess it up.
to make it short, got there at the end just on time, none of that polite 10 mins before. To be honest, it's quite hardcore, two days into NYC living, super hot and then going for an interview where you actually have to make sense. Was showing my work to the art director but didn't really get the vibe she's interested. I was wrong - they offered me a work placement at The Partners! fuck me that's amazing! I got two more interviews today and one tomorrow, let's see what the good vibes bring.
After that I went for a pint, sushi and hang out on the rooftop of Matt's super cool $ 8 mio office, ohhh the American dream.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


18. 7. 11
 Everyone's been listening about this forever but now I can finally say - I made it! I'm in Brooklyn baby!
First thing that hit me was the heat! Bloody hell, how am I gonna survive this?! Sizzling hot concrete, tropical heat, ohh my!
Arrived yesterday, dropped my stuff off at the mad house I'm staying at and hit the streets. I was so excited about the 29 hour day as well! Finally enough hours in the day. I've quickly established there's loads of Puerto Rican's living in my block, all the flags and stuff, sitting on the stairs in front, all the kids and grannys included. There's one that's got a plastic baby and a broken phone, imagining they're both real. They popped the water hydrants on the street and it just all looks like I'm in a movie. I keep on thinking it's Rosie (Perez) down in my yard!
Anyways, went onna stroll around beautiful Brooklyn, fell in love immediately. It's full of hidden bars and restaurants, many of them even without a sign or they just look like a shithole, but then you open the door and they look amazing. Just chilled, drank my beer and watched the world go buy. Nice one.
Then stupidly decided to go to Times Sq. in the eve cause I didn't wanna go to sleep without seeing a skyscraper but hell, was that a bad idea. I felt a bit quesy onna Subway but then got out and it just felt like a bad trip. All the bling and people and noise, no no no, I'm going right back to Brooklyn where I belong. I think that might have been the jet lag.
Summer storm at night, brought back memories of how cool it is to walk the streets in the pouring rain when it's hot outside. Wrapping it up, whatta an amazing day.