Friday, April 20, 2012


ahahhahahh, this has been a funny week already! What day was it? Tue. I promised myself - no more drinking! - as I've clearly overdone it since I've been working at The Baltic (Vodka bar - over 60 different flavours of vodka - says it all). but then, it comes to an end of the night, you're watching everyone eating, drinking and having a good time - and you just want that drink. 
so anyways, there was these two guys, my customers, they're the last ones to leave the restaurant and to be quite honest - they were doing my heading. The guy was trying to be funny all night, worst sense of humour ever. Usually I'd give them a little smile just to keep them sweet, this time I couldn't even be bothered w that. Looking at how the night ended, they must have loved that. 
Sooo, they finally pack their bags but then offer a drink to me and my work mate Peter...oh well, go on then. We all walked home the same way and ended up at the last resort bar in Waterloo (i.e. Da Vinci = drinks in plastic cups). you know how it is, after a few drinks everyone seems to have something vaguely interesting to say so even the guy's terrible sense of humour sounded funny at points...BUT the night couldn't have ended more bizarrely - this guy Justin - he randomly drags out a dice and a pile of cash and starts putting it on the table - 20 quid, 40 quid, 80quid...I didn't have any cash on me but he still wanted to play - whoever drops a higher number wins...I won - but I was like "look mate, just take the cash, I don't feel cool about it" and he insisted I keep it! "you won it, it's yours"WTF?!

how did I find myself in this situation? I'm still thinking he might roll up in my restaurant and want the money back but fuck, is that random or what?! 

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