Saturday, July 30, 2011


I mean guys, every day in this place is another page in a book. seriously. Listen to this.
today we went to Rockaway beach in the afternoon. Matt, me and Cameron's (my flatmate's) girlfriend. Just before we got there she starts chatting to these black guys which we later meet at the beach. They looked a bit dodgy to be honest, like one guy with tattooed teardrop on his face which I later on find out that it could mean you killed someone in prison. My instincts were, don't mingle with this guys and I never planned to but thought to myself - she's a big girl, it's not my thing to look after her. So ended up not paying to much attention to her actions but all of a sudden she was drinking with these guys. They offered me and Matt some as well but wasnt in a mood for drinking. About 7pm we decide to leave but this girl turns out to be completely wasted - I mean fucked. I thought that was kinda weird but didn't really know how much she drank so left it as that. She kept on disappearing onna way to the Subway so we need to go back and find her. We saved her from being arrested. Finally manage to drag her onna train where she ends up being totally annoying and rude, and walkes off a train without saying anything. Huh, what was that all about we think. But I get a call from Cameron a few hours later saying she almost died!!!! I mean what?!  She spend a whole night in hospital, her drink's obviously been spiked, big time.
Rock Rock Rockaway beach.

we're pretty sure this was the shitface that did it

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