Friday, July 22, 2011


ok now the weather has gone mad. extreme weather conditions warning - 38 degrees in concrete jungle! and I need to go to an interview! check on me later if I'm still alive. This place is massive. I've been around quite a lot, had two more interviews yesterday. Its funny getting my head around the American way, it's not just a different accent, it's a whole different body language. So first interview ended up really just being a visit and a chat and the other one, which is btw absolutely amazing, a potential internship in Aug. Fingers crossed. Had a few beers onna rooftop in Soho, a friend of a friend of a friend lives there then headed down to Vanessa's mega famous freshly made super cheap Chinese. Got home, all the Ricans out on the streets playing salsa into the night...whatta place this is.

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