Tuesday, July 19, 2011


18. 7. 11
 Everyone's been listening about this forever but now I can finally say - I made it! I'm in Brooklyn baby!
First thing that hit me was the heat! Bloody hell, how am I gonna survive this?! Sizzling hot concrete, tropical heat, ohh my!
Arrived yesterday, dropped my stuff off at the mad house I'm staying at and hit the streets. I was so excited about the 29 hour day as well! Finally enough hours in the day. I've quickly established there's loads of Puerto Rican's living in my block, all the flags and stuff, sitting on the stairs in front, all the kids and grannys included. There's one that's got a plastic baby and a broken phone, imagining they're both real. They popped the water hydrants on the street and it just all looks like I'm in a movie. I keep on thinking it's Rosie (Perez) down in my yard!
Anyways, went onna stroll around beautiful Brooklyn, fell in love immediately. It's full of hidden bars and restaurants, many of them even without a sign or they just look like a shithole, but then you open the door and they look amazing. Just chilled, drank my beer and watched the world go buy. Nice one.
Then stupidly decided to go to Times Sq. in the eve cause I didn't wanna go to sleep without seeing a skyscraper but hell, was that a bad idea. I felt a bit quesy onna Subway but then got out and it just felt like a bad trip. All the bling and people and noise, no no no, I'm going right back to Brooklyn where I belong. I think that might have been the jet lag.
Summer storm at night, brought back memories of how cool it is to walk the streets in the pouring rain when it's hot outside. Wrapping it up, whatta an amazing day.

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