Monday, December 26, 2011


I mentioned my flatmate Cameron before. He's still crazy as fuck and he knows everyone. From a tramp on the street to super posh people. So yesterday he was like "come to the birthday party of this rich fashion designer woman'. Cool, we're coming. Get there, the flat was on Wall St.!!!!! just a few houses down from Trump empire. You should have seen the lobby, all I can say is wow!!!! I mean that flat must have been worth millions. So yeah been hanging out at this chick's super posh apartment, mingled with people, had a good laugh and then ended up on a hill billy boat in Bushwick.

walking down Wall St 
the Wall St. apartment
the apartment "lobby"

the parteeeey 

breaking bottles of wine on Wall St....

The heat of hilly billy boat pool...

It's hot again today so I think I'll go down to Rockaway beach. Another reason why NYC is so amazing- you can actually go to the beach on a Subway track!!!!! I mean yeah, there's never ending reasons to love this place and I'm already feeling the urge never to leave this paradise land.

I'm making a plan. Winters in London, spring and early summer Slovenia and late summers in New York. If I succeed in being a freelancer one day, all of this is going to be possible.
A girl's gotta dream. No problems only solutions.

Now you tell me, is this a perfect world or what?

Big love peeps, you should stop wasting time and come over.

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