Sunday, December 11, 2011


not sure if I mentioned the white pigeon before. Well. one day, we open our front door and find a white pigeon in a cage, amongst all the other crap in our yard. wtf? where did this come from? So Cameron, Matt and me looked at it for a while, then Tenant (our cat) tried to paw it and the pigeon went mental.
So we move the cage to a higher level but it went even more mental. Rock'n'roll in the background, Mojito slushes on the way...I think we need to free the pigeon. So here we go, the attempt

but the stupid pigeon flew right into our bathroom window. Matt went to get the pigeon...

Tenant then decided to like the pigeon and even kept it safe from the other cats

mojito slushes

and we figure the pigeon doesnt even want the freedom. It just sat in the open cage forever until Tenant scared him/her off.
What we didn't know is that the pigeon belonged to one of the Puerto Rican kids from the house next door. As they figured what we've done the SHOE WAR started.

the story goes. Cameron stepped in the shit so he left one of his shoes at the front door. The next morning I wake up to "you fucking whores, I'm coming to get ya" "this is war" Cameron walking around with the hammer smashing all the stolen bikes in the yard. the fuckers took his shoe.
Ohhh it fucking took forever before they gave it back but he got it at the end. All because of the bloody pigeon.

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