Saturday, December 10, 2011


good ol' Coney, here we come! As necessary, I did the homework and watched The Warriors (you need to see it,the cool gangs of nyc and there's the ending scene in Coney Island) -

The Warriors, ending scene in Coney Island

and took the train down to one of the weirdest places in Brooklyn. 
Nathan's sausages is the first thing I've seen. Retro. I think Matt had a hot dog. lots of fat middle Americanos. someone made a mess with the ketchup. very selective memory I got yessir. 
So we begin the journey through the trashy but to me, very attractive environment. I never liked plastic, Manhattan is plastic, Brooklyn is organic. Crumbling buildings, graffiti, weird shit everywhere, that's my kind of fun. 
We get into a freak show for a fiver. Juggle things proper especially when you do it with a sharp knife. Miss Twisto. The snake woman. the guy that saved himself. what else. ahhhh it was just so much fun, really. Shame Shoot the freak is gone.
Coney Island dancers took over the promenade next to the sea and seeing things like that are reasons why I'm truly madly deeply in love with this amazing city.

And when you think you've seen it all there's a headless woman and a giant rat. And a flea market with parrots. 
Needless to say, this place is a mecca for any visual artist, there's hand painted signs galore, a lot of them done by amazing Steve Powers aka ESPO. Very very special place indeed. 

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