Saturday, December 10, 2011


if there's anything i've learnt in new york, it must be hustling. My favourite activity so far and it bloody feels sooooooo good. So anyways, Matt and me went to Rock the Bells on the 2nd Sept. the most amazing annual festival for hip hop music in the world!!!(i dare to say that) The line up this year was a blast: Common, BlackStar, Cypress Hill, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Wu Tang, Nas and more. 
So anyway, whilst in the massive queue for the ferry (the festival was taking place in Governers Island, about 5mins ferry ride) we chat to some nerdy boys and it turns out they have a spare ticket for 50 bucks.Half price that is, nice one! When we finally got to the festival we caught the last half hour of BlackStar. aiiiiii it was just too good! Apparently there's a new album coming out in 2012!!! bet it's gonna be sick!!!!!!!
After BlackStar finished we went for a walk around the festival and funny enough, we find a ticket just lying there on grassy ground. someone got in and just chucked it away as you don't really need it once in.
I was like, let s go and sell it. Matt wasn't so optimistic but I was really up for it. and you know how it is, when put your mind to something...and we did it, sold it for 50 bucks!!!! I love you NYC,another day in paradise.


hustlin hustlin

Erykah Badu

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