Saturday, December 10, 2011


well, as you've noticed I've been pretty shit updating this but ya all know big city living. Anyways, what else happened. I think I should rather ask what hasn't happened. Irene! the hurricane! 
first I was like yeah whatevs but then, the closer to the date I was getting a bit worried. The media was hyping it up bit time but I guess they had to, things could have turned either way. Nature is an unpredictable force. On the day/ night Irene was supposed to hit NYC I kept on checking the weather...
so... it was Aug the 27th. an interesting morning. I went out to buy food, painkillers, water and it funny enough, there was a really cool vibe out on the streets. I wouldn't say people were particulary worried about Irene, more curious what's there to come. It was also one of those vibes that always does humanity good - that feeling of, we're in this together. We don't know what's awaiting for us but we better be cool with each other as we might not be here tomorrow to do so. It kinda puts life into perspective which is sweeeeeet!
One thing thought, everyone was shopping like crazy, the queue in the supermarket was massive but as  mentioned before, there were good vibes in the air. So, our house being our house, built in the courtyard of another house, American way, the way it looks like it's made of paper. We all decided to stay home all night, ofcourse, and I was praying Cam wouldn't get completely mashed up and bang his drums all night. there'd be no escape this time. so around midnight came first rain and after an hour or so  there was a big puddle outside our door. That wasn't a good sign. We all went to sleep thinking we'll wake up roofless and with broken windows.
I slept so well that night and woke up around 9am. I didn't hear a thing. I looked through the window, no rain. the house seemed intact. no even heavy wind anymore? Matt and me went for a stroll around the hood and saw one ripped off shop sign and one fallen tree. the local coffeeshop was full of hipsters on their laptops and that was a sign, it is all back to normal.

people shopping in the morning before Irene

first rain...Irene has finally got to us!!!

The morning after...


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