Saturday, December 10, 2011


Another lesson I learnt in nyc, this one going out to all young designers/ artists. Say this to your stingy "it's good for your future reference/ portfolio" bullshit employers "FUCK YOU PAY ME!"
when I've seen this hat in Supreme shop on Lafayette there was no doubts, it had to be mine.

And about Jews.As you might know, Jews rule NY. They own it inside out. And they're really bizarre. Living in their own bubble. 
So one day, we found a jewish scull cap (Yarmulke) onna subway. Don't ask me how, it was just there.It had a special dedication written on it, I think it was from somebody's wedding.
 Of course we took it and did some free stylin with it
down in Prospect Park onna nice sunny afternoon. Jews forgive us but we thought it was feckin' hillarious. 

Talking about Jews our "crack shack" landlord was an orthodox Jew. And you wouldn't believe it, I mean this is freaking funny, his name was Mr. Goldberg. That's how he'd introduce himself to me "Hi, I'm Mr. Goldberg, your landlord". He was a fat ginger guy. He offered my flatmate a free rent if he got him a woman. I mean he was married and all. Dirty bastard. 
but anyhow, on an off day, he'd be sitting with us in our ghetto yard, full of stolen gear and ready-to-be-recycled bags of beer cans. Not to mention graffiti. Our house was one big graffiti. He didn't seem to mind. He even vaguely told us how he makes his money. Buying stuff in European Duty Frees and smuggling cosmetics?! doesn't surprise me. It was good fun and just seeing him cracked me up. Whatta funny character. 

Mr. Goldberg in da ghetto

I don't know if you know but many poor people in NY make money off recycling cans. My flatmates "tallboy"(A 24 oz can of beer) habit sponsored the whole house of Puerto Ricans next door, apparently they even planned to pay for their daughter's university with it. Huh, you wouldn't imagine would you? But then, seeing the amount of beer cans in our yard, maybe.
our yard - stolen bikes and beer cans

Here's a funny video of Mr. Goldberg telling how people make a living off recycling to Puerto Ricans girls in our yard
Have a laugh!

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