Sunday, December 25, 2011


Yo what's poppin'?
I can't believe this is only my second weekend in NYC. It kinda seems like I've been here forever, every day is so filled up with stuff that I imagine these four months feeling like a lifetime.
Last week was still super hot so I went to the block party down the road. It was mega cool, all the cool kids were out, there were water hydrants, free pizza and some fantastic bands. And it's was happening all day long, not just at night. That's proper summer time fun if you ask me. The sun's out, go and play, what a better thing to do?!
This party was happening right in front of Roberta's pizza, just outside Morgan subway stop. I remember my first day in NY, I went there for my lunch. It's a really really cool spot. And every second Sunday afternoon they have a super cool free party in Tiki bar next door. Damn there's been some really great, fun and sweaty times...

Block party - check these kids, they were so much fun

sweating in Tiki bar onna Sunday afternoon...

mattress stage diving at another block party...

gosh this chick was so wasted...

Another (the millionth)reason why NY is so fucking cool is there's so much free stuff going on. And quality stuff. Block parties, Central park summer stage, outdoor cinemas, you name it.
People around here are nice, I'm having a really good experience so far. My street feels like South America. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Brooklyn's massive and it has it all -they call it The Planet for a reason- and where we live in Bushwick is becoming the new cool. There's new trendy bars and restaurants poppin up, such as Narrows (really cool cocktail bar), Roberta's, Tandem and Northeast Kingdom just to name a few. More and more hipsters moving in. It's not as trendy as Williamsburg but in a few years it might be a different story. Williamsburg is such a lovely area.Yeah it is massively gentrified but it's still super cool. Very different vibes than for instance, hipster flooded, gentrified Brick Lane. But I could say that for NY in general, much nicer vibes in the air than London. 
The other day I went for a walk and walked around the area for hours. Beautiful people, really nice bars and restaurants. Yeah I have to say, people here are so beautiful - both men and women. They're all sporting this natural beauty thing and it really works. All the chicks wear really short cut jeans shorts, and a vest. Men pretty much same outfit just a bit longer shorts. Everyone's covered in really cool tattoos, I mean really good ones. 
It only really hit me a few days ago - "I am in NYC!"
It takes me one train to get to work, it's in Union Sq Manhattan. When I walk out of my office I see Empire State building. It's really bizarre - one week into being here I already work in a big ass agency, doing my thing. Amazing. I give myself a little tap on the shoulder.

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